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Curriculum Vitae

Anchor 1

Dancer, ”Vad heter du?", Teater 3, Stockholm 2022-2023

A performance for 3-6 year olds about name and playing with identiity. Director: Nelly Zagora and Anna Svensson Kundromichalis. 


Dancer, ”Dreamy", Teater 3, Stockholm 2021-2023

A performance for 1-3 year olds about dreams. Focusing on the soundscape. Director: Hedvig Claesson. 

Dancer/Singer, "SonoR", Aloun Marchal, Atalante, Göteborg, Paris - 2019-2023

Dancer and singer in the show SonoR by Aloun Marchal. SonoR is a rhythmical show where the boundaries between dance and concert are blurring.

Performer. "As I Collapse - online installation", Recoil Performance Group, Copenhagen, 2020-2021

Performer in the online live work As I Collapse by Tina Tarpgaard.  The performance is a speculative dance performance taking its point of origin in a collapse of our general perception of the world as divided into two: nature and culture


Dancer, "Last dancer", Kass dance, Dansens hus, Stockholm- 2019

Dancer in the show Last Dancer by Sebastian Lingserius. 

Dancer/Performer, "Frö", Teater 3, Stockholm - 2017-2019

Frö is a story about the circle of nature, the course of life, and the human fascination for things that grow. A performance for 2-4 years old. Tours in Sweden, Italy, Romania, Austria and Germany. Director: Anna Svensson Kundromichalis.

Dancer, "Rytmen 2.0", Smålands Musik och teater, Kulturhuset Spira, Jönköping - 2019, 

Dancer with singing parts in the music, rythm and dance performance Rytmen 2.0 for teenagers. Choreographer Fanny Kivimäki, music: Jonas Nydesjö och Sebastian Ring. In cooperation with Jönköpings Sinfonietta.

Choreographer/Performer, "A fantasy about Langenthal", Kultur Im stöckli, Langenthal, Schweiz- 2018

A performance created in one day at Kultur Im Stöckli in Langenthal with Sara Andrén. 

Dancer/Singer, "Stjärngalen", Konserthuset Stockholm, 2014, Falun 2018. 

Dancer and singer in the children performance Stjärngalen. Choreography by Christina Tingskog in
cooperation with the Royal Filharmonia. The ensemble were co- creators with the choreographic material.  Premiered again in 2018 in Falun with Dalasinfoniettan. 

Choreograph/Performer, "Listening at Work", Balettakademien Stockholm - 2017

Exploration of what is not said but inherited with touch and silence. "The muteness that cat be translated" /Athena Farroukhzad (own trans.) 

Dancer, "As i Collapse", Dansehallerne, Copenhagen - 2017
Dancer in the piece As I collapse by Recoil performance group. choreography by Tina Tarpgaard.


Dancer, "Golddiggers under the Sun", Dansehallerne, Copenhagen -  2016

Dancer in the dance piece ”Golddiggers Under the Sun” by Camilla Stage. The ensemble are co-creators with the choreographic material. 


Dancer/Actress, "Malmens Väg", Tornedalsteatern, Pajala - 2016

Dancer and actress playing the part of Hamba in the musical theatre Malmens Väg, Directed by Håkan Starkenberg and choreographed by Lisa Hennix Raukola. Jubilee performance for Tornedalsteatern. 


Choreographer/Performer, "Allt blev svart", Solidaritetshuset, Stockholm — 2016

Choreographer and performer in the piece Allt blev svart. An interactive performance where I guide the audience into the subject of consumption. Created by Waste Collective.

Musical Artist, "West Side Story", Svandammshallarna Uppsala — 2015

Musical artist in West Side Story with the role of Minnie in Jets and understudy for the role of Baby- John. Direction by Dan Turdén and choreography by Dorte Olesen. The ensemble were co creators with the choreographic material.

Dancer, "mörk materia", Danscentrum Stockholm - 2015

Dancer in the research project Mörk Materia with the choreographer Christina Tingskog. The ensemble were co- creators with the choreographic material.

Choreographer/Performer, "Our Time", Danshögskolan, Stockholm - 2015

Choreographer and performer of the piece Our Time, a research of time and stage. Created in DOCH summer residency course, tutor Tove Salmgren.

Dancer, "Carnival of the Animals", Stockholm - 2015

Dancer in the children performance Carnival of the Animals. Choreographer: Anisa Hasson Abas.

Dancer, "Fictional Copies", Euroscene Leipzig, Germany - 2014

Dancer in the performance Fictional Copies, choreography by Björn Säfsten. The performance is based on improvisation.

Choreographer/performer, "Skräp - en återvunnen föreställning", Waste Collective, 2013/2014

Dancer, "Boxes", Christina Tingskog, 2013 


Balettakademien, Stockholm - The professional dancer education, 2010-2013

Kulturama musikdramatiska grundskola - Musical Education, 2002 - 2007

Uniarts, DOCH, How Dance Thinks, 7,5 hp, 2018

Uniarts,  DOCH, Choreography, 7,5 hp, 2018

Stockholm Universitet, The Land of Contrasts - Poland after 1989,  2017

Stockholm Universitet, Performance Studies – Gender and Feminist Perspectives 2015

Stockholm Universitet, Culture, communication and language diversity  2014

Other Training

Theatre training/workshops with:

Grete Sneltvedt (embodied voice), Antonio Tengroth (Meisner technique), Jessica Gustafsson (2010-2013), Birgitta Egerbladh


Songtraining/workshops with:

Gudrun, Lindén, Sophie Goldea, Annika Holmberg (Complete Vocal Technique workshop)


Choreographic workshops with:

Mia Habib, Jonathan Burrows, Jefta Van Dinther, Rasmus Ölme, Daphnis Kokkinos, Björn Säfsten, course in Choreography at Danshögskolan 2018 with Ulrika Berg, Martin Sonderkamp and more.


Other Experience


Teacher in Classical Pilates

More information about that here

Teacher in Brazilian Zouk

Have been dancing Brazilian Zouk since the summer of 2017. Is main choreographer for the group Zoukicorns that mix Zouk with Jazz and contemporary dance. Won second price in Russia's biggest  Jack and Jill in Saint Petersburg 2018 in the category Newcomer. 

Co founder of Stockholm DansFilmfestival, Stockholm 2015-2019

Co founded Stockholm Dansfilmfestival with Elin Hedin, Sara Andrén and Anders J Larsson. Stockholm Dansfilmfestival is a platform for dansfilm creators in Sweden to show their art, it is also a way to show more dance in new places.  We have co operated with amongst others Dansens Hus and Norrdans and are preparing a new festival every year.

Co founder of the performing group Waste Collective 2013-2016

Co founded Waste Collective with Tiina Lehtimäki and Niklas Fransson. A performance group with interests in human behaviour, environmental issues and society, toured with Skräp- en återvunnen föreställning around Sweden and Norway and created the performance Allt blev Svart. 

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Ancor 4

Nelly Zagora


Singing (soprano)

Brazilian Zouk (Social dance) 


Classical Pilates teacher









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